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“A classic Ludo King Mod Apk board game that is quite popular among players and can be played with friends and family.”

Introduction of Ludo King Mod Apk

Ludo King is a boarding game that is quite popular in today’s world because of the feature of being an interesting game along with the fact that it brings back our memories from childhood. It can be played with friends and family in order to enjoy them as well.

The game can be downloaded and played on IOS, android, and as well as on PC computers another feature is that it also offers the player the feature of practicing or playing the game offline.

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Ludo King Mod APK Download

The game is easy to play because the main element to play with is the dice in the game. The player is supposed to roll the dice by tapping on it and then is supposed to move their allotted color.

About Game of Ludo king Mod Apk

App NameLudo King
File size53 MB
Last Update1 day ago
Requirement4.4 and up

Features of Ludo King Mod Apk

Simple Controls:

The game offers very simple controls as the player is only supposed to tap onto the dice when it’s their turn to play. As the player taps on the dice, the dice give a number to the player, and then the player is supposed to tap onto the obstacle of the allotted color in order to move. The controls are so simple that any new player who has just downloaded the game can also learn it and can play it easily.

Different modes to play:

There are several types of modes that can be played in the game. These modes consist of playing with random people from around the world by connecting the device to an internet connection. One roll of dice is given to each player in this mode.

The second mode is where the user plays with a computer. The two sub-modes in this mode are Rush and classic mode.

Live Chatting:

As we play the mode where we play with random people from around the world with the connectivity of the internet, the feature of life chatting with the other player is also provided by the game to us in that mode. The live chat can help us discuss the game and another thing about live chat is that we can make new friends with it as we play with different people.

Daily Bonuses:

If we play the game each and every day by opening it on our phone or desktop, as a loyalty gift we are provided with a free gift that is a bonus to us as our loyalty is to the game. The bonus can be in the form of coins, extra rolls or can be gems or any other thing.

6 Player Mode:

If the player wishes to play with his/her family or friend in the game and wants to enjoy it. Then the fame provides the feature of playing with 6 players at a time instead of 4. This is really useful as sometimes more than 4 people are sitting at the same place in a gathering.

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Ludo King Mod APK Latest version

Mod Features of Ludo King Mod Apk

Unlimited Money and gems:

The Mod version of the game gives the luxury of having unlimited gems along with money. This feature is not available in the simple version of the game. Players do not have to spend time collecting money and gems by playing games and winning as they already have unlimited money and gems. Moreover, this makes you look cool in front of your family and friends.

Infinite sixes:

Six is a thing that only lucky people get in the board game of ludo. In the mod version, the player can get sixes from dice as much as he wants. The more sixes you get in a game by the dice, the more the chance of winning the game increases.


As the game gives the feature of unlimited coins and gems, let me tell you that this feature is provided by the game completely free of cost and moreover the game is totally ad-free. This means that the user experience will not be disturbed by the showing or popping up of any ad in the game. The user can play the game completely free of cost and an ad-free experience will also be given.

How to download/Install Ludo King Mod APK?

  • To download and install ludo king mod APK, these steps are meant to be followed:
  • Go to GOOGLE and then write down ludo king mod APK and search for it.
  • Select the link and click on it.
  • Click on the download button and then wait for the downloading to end.
  • Once the downloading finishes, install the game by clicking on it and then wait for the installation to finish.
  • Enjoy the game by launching it on the phone.

Frequently asked Questions

1.     Is Ludo King Mod APK safe?

Yes, the game is totally safe and secure to play as it is tested before putting it up on the internet to download.

2.     Are all the premium access given in the Mod APK version?

Yes, all the premium access to the game is provided in the mod apk version of the game.

3.     Is it a game of luck?

Yes, the game of ludo is totally dependent on the luck of the person playing the game. Skill is not a factor in the game of ludo.


After getting to know about all the features, my conclusion is that the game is for the person who loves board games and wants to enjoy these games while sitting in the house.

All the luxuries of unlimited coins and the gems are also provided to the player in the mod version so that the player can have the best experience of the game and without any ad so that their experience doesn’t get disturbed by any means while playing the game.

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