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Introduction of Tivimate Mod Apk

Tivimate Mod Apk is an app that is used for the purpose of watching IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) channels. Tivimate premium account free enables the person using it to watch the channels from all around the world including from Australia to America, Britain to Brazil, and Pakistan to India. In short, channels from all around the world are available on tivimate and can be watched by the person using this application.

On these channels, many Television shows in foreign and as well as local languages are available along with movies that can also be streamed using internet connectivity from all around the world.

Drama series is also a part of this application and dramas from all around the world whether foreign or local are available on the application and are meant to be watched.

About Tivimate Mod Apk

App NameTiviMate
GenreVideo Players & Editors
File size11 MB
Last Update1 day ago
Requirement5.0 and up
DeveloperArmobsoft FZE

Tivimate Mod Apk Features

Easy To use:

The app Tivimate offers an easy-to-use interface to the user using it as the app is quite easy to use and operate. The interface available on the app is as similar to an interface available on the classic TV available at any home anywhere in the world.

The categories are available for the user and the user can select any category he likes from the available categories to watch according to his taste and demand.

At the start, a user might face difficulties but as they use the app, it will get easier for them to use the app and watch the shows.


Customizing Interface:

The interface that is available and quite easy for the user to use can also be customized by the user if he fails to understand the interface. The user can develop the interface as he likes so that it can be easy for his/her to use. The user can also zoom in and similarly zoom out on the screen or the movie by just touching the screen. Many other features are also there and are available for use.

Watch Favorite Show:

The app tivimate mod apk for mobile, as already discussed, But features shows from all around the world and from every continent and country. These shows are available there and are meant to be watched by the user in order to enjoy.

The categories are there and the user can select from these categories to watch any show but if he doesn’t get the desired show in the category it belongs to, the user can simply search the name and it will appear on the screen and then the user can easily enjoy the show.

1000+ Channels:

The app Tivimate features channels from all around the globe. The user can stream the channel from any place in the world and can watch their local and as well as international shows as he or she likes. More than 1000 channels are available on the app that is meant to be watched by the user and he can stream these channels completely free of cost.

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Tivimate Mod APK Latest version

Mod Features of Tivimate Mod Apk

Free Subscription:

As in the tivimate mod apk version, the subscription of the app Tivimate is totally free of cost. A subscription is required in the app Tivimate in order to watch shows and movies along with any drama series. To get the subscription, the user has to spend some amount of money in normal mode, but in the Mod APK version, this subscription is totally free of cost and the user is not to spend any money on the subscription.

Infinite searches:

The user gets a limited number of searches in the normal mode. The search is a very useful key option as it helps the user to find the show he wants in less time as compared to a search in the category. The mod version allows you to search as much as the user wants without any restrictions.


The app Tivimate is totally free and moreover, the app is AD free. Most of the free apps feature Ads in their interface in order to get money but the app Tivimate does not do that as the best experience to their users is their main priority.

So, in order to give their users the best experience, no Ads are displayed while using the app Tivimate.

How to download/install Tivimate Mod APK?

  • To download Tivimate Mod APK, these steps are to be followed:
  • Download the app of Tivimate Mod APK from the Theleaker link available on the GOOGLE.
  • Let the download finish and then open the settings of the phone and enable unknown sources.
  • Now, install the app and let the installation finish.
  • Open the app once the installation finishes and then play it.
  • Watch your favorite show and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.     Is Tivimate available on IOS?

No, the app is not available on the Appstore on IOS but it is available on android. So, the IOS users cannot use this application.

2.     Is it legal to use Tivimate?

Yes, it is totally legal to use the app Tivimate all around the globe.

3.     What are the different types of subscriptions in Tivimate?

The two main packages are, one is worth $5 and the other one is worth $20. For $5, the yearly package is given whereas for $20, the user gets the app for a lifetime.

4.     Can it be used offline?

Yes, it can be used offline very easily.

5.     Is the app paid or free?

The app is totally free but in order to get the premium feature, the user has to pay.


The tivimate app is an excellent one that features the best shows from around the world completely free of cost and moreover can be enjoyed by any person at any place on the globe. It is a TV streaming app that is quick and easy to use and can easily be used by users. So, in order to enjoy the luxuries of Tivimate, download the app and get to watch the watch that you like from around the globe completely free of cost.

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